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We offer a variety of lenses for you to chose from. Our optician will be happy to help you select the best lens to fit your needs.

Varilux Progressive Addition Lenses

  • State-of-the-art technology offering wider fields of vision at every distance
  • The highest-quality digital lenses that are proven to provide the best natural vision from computers and smart phones


  • Highest optical quality using advanced technology in progressive lenses, bifocals and single vision

Transition Lenses

  • Everyday lenses automatically adapt to changing lighting conditions
  • Convenient lenses change from indoors to outdoors so you don’t have to change glasses
  • Provide comfort with less eye strain and fatigue
  • Can be made in virtually any prescription and for pairing with all options and your favorite choice of frame.

Polarized Sunwear

  • Eliminates glare from reflective surfaces improving comfort and safety
  • Blocks 100% of UV-a and UV-b rays for long term eye health

Glare Free Lenses

  • Reduce glare and reflections
  • Improve night driving safety
  • Enhance visual comfort whether spending time at the computer or driving

Improve your golf game and vision

Vision can be a driving force behind an above par golf game. Unlike general purpose progressive addition lenses designed for everyday use, the Golf Lens is perfect for days spent on the course. This revolutionary lens is designed to meet the visual needs of each player by focusing on the score card, the ball, and the green in the distance.

Computer Lenses for optimum relief

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) affects 80 percent of computer users. If you suffer from headaches, neck or eye strain, or fatigue while on the computer, you may be at risk. CVS has become more common with increased use of computer screens and tablets.

The Computer Lens is optimized to view the computer, read, or look across the room while maintaining natural posture.  When fitted with an appropriate computer lens, the final result is an ergonomic solution that provides optimal clarity and depth for daily tasks.


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