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Cazal Legends – Unique Eyewear for Men and Women


Cazal Legends are a unique eye wear collection created in the 1980’s by Cari Zalloni. The vintage, extravagant, artistic design is uncompromising in its look. The Legends collection, a much sought after status symbol, has become a timeless statement for stars and trendsetters. Musicians and stars wear them in their music videos, films, and as a personal fashion accessory. Cazal Legends define authentic vintage eyewear and are always a fashion constant.

Visit our Optical Boutique for authorized authentic Cazal Legends.


Saturday, May 27th, 2017 at 12:10am
Each year 100,000 people injure their eyes playing sports. Infographic: https://t.co/i65KHG8m2C
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Eye protection while playing #sports could save your sight https://t.co/x9bE1jZRl1
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These foods can help lower your risk of eye conditions that cause blindness!!! #Eyesmart #EyeHealth https://t.co/Ef0uTBWFSE